Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu Foundation

The foundation

"Give a man a fish, feed home for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed for a lifetime." ---CSF

The greatest fulfilment is in knowing that the work that we are doing at CSF Foundation has some role in shaping confident, thinking, caring and ethical human beings in our institute.

Currently thousands of students complete their graduation in different colleges with a vision to prosper and excel in their individual fields. Generally they opt for various higher studies like degree/B tech, PG or other exotic courses to achieve their mark. After the completion of their course, few lucky get through and manage to get recruited in top companies in INDIA. But the remaining unfortunates are left behind and are compelled to continue their struggle. Thus after investing all their time and effort, they remain jobless, while the fresher's tag are snatched from them.

In the current ruthless market, opportunity and scope is provided to the most experienced or the freshers who have a brand new outlook. As the jobless unfortunate lot are devoid of the freshers tag, they continue their pursuit to search for a job, but in vain. This doesn't mean they lack potential or panache. In most job interviews it was indicated that the rejected lot either lacked the basic mandated communication or the required skill set. And this is where we come into picture.

Our goal

At Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarapu Foundation, our goal is to cater to the jobless and those who had to drop out of college due to unfortunate circumstances. We show them a path and guide them to improve their English communication skills, develop their personality and interview skills. This skill development program of Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu Foundation is one of our core value and is of utmost importance.

The course encompasses fluent English speaking, top-notch writing skills with impeccable English and various other IT related courses. The course is for a tenure of 3 months, after which the students are provided internship opportunities in Valsatech. After a successful internship, they are either absorbed by Valsatech or are free to join any other company, as they desire.